Yamaha SMT Equipment - Flip Chip Bonder BACK
High-speed, high-precition flipchip hybrid placer
  • 4,500 UPH (0.8 sec/unit)
    The top mounting capability in Flipchip bonders*
  • +/-10μm (3σ) Mounting accuracy (When using Yamaha's standard components)
  • YWF Wafer Supply Unit "6/8/12 inch", "Expand Ring", and "θ angle correction" applicable
  • 0.6×0.6mm to 18×18mm Components applicable

*   December 2010, YAMAHA MOTOR investigation


Model Name



Applicable PCB

L50 x W30 to L250 x W200mm
**"Up to L340 x W340mm" is applicable. Please contact us separately.

Mounting accuracy

When using Yamaha's standard components

[2F2F Heads & Multi-camera type] Repeatability (3) : +/- 0.010mm/unit +/- 0.05degree
[4M4M Heads & Multi-camera type] **under development 

Repeatability (3 ) : +/- 0.010mm/unit +/- 0.05degree

Mounting capability

Optimum condition

[2F2F Heads & Multi-camera type] 4,500UPH (0.8sec/unit) **excluding Dipping 3,600UPH (1.0sec/unit) **including Dipping
[4M4M Heads & Multi-camera type]**under development 5,500UPH (0.65sec/unit) **excluding Dipping 4,500UPH (0.8sec/unit) **including Dipping

Component supply configuration

Wafer (6/8/12inch Flat ring), Waffle tray, Tape reel (8/12/16mm width)

Applicable components

[Multi-camera] Flipchip : 0.6x0.6mm to 18x18mm Bump diameter 60μm or more Bump pitch 110μm or more Height 0.7mm or less
SMD Chip : 0402 (Metric base) to 20x20mm Height 6mm or less

Power supply

3-Phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V +/- 10% 50/60Hz

Air supply source

0.5MPa or more, in clean, dry state

External dimension
**excluding projections

L1,400 x W1,820 x H1,515mm (Main unit only)
L1,400 x W2,035 x H1,515mm (When YWF wafer supply unit is installed)


Approx. 2,470kg (Main unit only)
Approx. 2,780kg (When YWF wafer supply unit is installed)

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.