Yamaha SMT Equipment - SMT Assembling Management Software & SMD Storage System BACK

P-Tool (For Mounter, Printer, Inspector)

*Optimization (Line Data Distribution)

Generates streamlined PCB data to shorten production time.

*Set-up Optimizer for Multi PCB Production

Runs Multiple PCB setups in an optimized grouped format.

*Data Conversion (ASCII Data Conversion)

Converts data generated by CAD and other equipment into Yamaha data.

*Visual Editor

Shortens time for creating PCB data and boosts quality.

P-Tool Eco (Exclusive for Printer & Dispenser)

*Inexpensive version P-Tool with focus on functions for printers and dispensers.

P-Tool AOI (Exclusive for Inspector)

*Inexpensive version P-Tool with focus on functions for inspection system.


*Line Control

Get overall integrated control by monitoring and controlling each line and machine status remotely from a PC!


*Remaining Components Monitor

Monitor and control the remaining components status on the line.

Monitoring Package

Monitors productivity and product quality, etc.

Live Production Dashboard

Visual management of factory floor and line status.






Production Analytics Dashboard​​​​​​​

Supports pinpointing the problem source by analyzing a drop in operating rates and QC problems.


*Set-up Navigation

Navigates through external setups onto carriage.

Collates ID to prevent components setting task errors.


*Transability Trace Tool

Searches production history data such as components lot information accumulated in the sever, to swiftly and smoothly pinpoint the utilizable range and effective scope of components used in production.