Yamaha SMT Equipment - SMT Assembling Management Software & SMD Storage System BACK
IT Option

*Parts Remain Counter

Monitors remaining number of components, and requests resupply before running out of components. This reduces machine downtime by preparing components beforehand.

*Setup Verification

Requests part stock from PCB data. Navigates through the setup/changeover sequence. Collates ID to prevent task errors.

Note : Information scanning via two-dimensional code. (Consult us for details.)

*Auto Program Change-Over

Automatically selects conveyor width and PCB data for production line by scanning barcodes listed on the board and the instruction sheet.

*Product Traceability

Outputs the machine information to T-Tool server.

Note : Capable of verifying 2-dimensional code on production PCB.(Consult us for details.)

*Material Time Limit Management

Checks components stock information during setups and production while taking storage information such as for solder and MSD into account. Issues components stock ageing or deterioration warnings. Prevents use of components stock that reached its expiry date.