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Smart SMT Reel Storage System

• Automatic material fetching: By combining the YAMAHA surface mounter EA31 for material picking, we achieve automated material fetching operations, eliminating the need for manual material handling and saving time while improving efficiency.

• Error-proofing system: Easily integrated with tablet computers, our system enhances error-proofing capabilities, preventing production issues caused by incorrect materials.

• Efficient inventory management: Our system can calculate the quantity of online parts to be returned and the existing inventory in the racks. It also provides estimated material conditions and low inventory alerts, keeping you informed of material usage and avoiding production interruptions due to inadequate inventory.

Our product combines advanced technology and intelligent features. It not only offers automated material fetching but also incorporates an error-proofing system and inventory management capabilities. This helps enhance production efficiency, reduce error rates, and effectively prevent inventory shortages. By choosing our product, you will have an intelligent, efficient, and reliable production assistant that ensures a smooth and worry-free production process!